Coaching Profile

Jason Britton

BPE Sport Performance

NCCP Swim and Triathlon


43 time World Championship competitor

2011 Triathlon Canada Triathlete of the Year

2007 ITU World Champion

UofA Varsity Swimming and Track

Coaching philosophy

I value physical activity as a lifestyle. For it to become a lifestyle, it needs to be in balance with the rest of your life. Work, family, friends, faith and all the other things in our lives that demand our time and energy cannot be sacrificed. Finding that balance is the challenge.

In order to maximize enjoyment, improvement, and results, people need to be healthy. As such, I try and work hard with my athletes to ensure they are strong enough and have good enough technique to complete the activities that I prescribe with minimal risk of injury. Sleep, nutrition, and hydration are all equally important to training in the maintenance of a healthy body, and long term health is far more important than short term gains and results.